To the Future, or an adventure to Zion and back #futureforest

I was leaving work, thinking of Save Silverwood, and decided to drive down Prospect to find the end of the line, I should say it was 11:30 pm. What was I thinking? Crazy, maybe.

But it became a grand adventure to the future, Future Forest, that is. Held out at Wark’s Point, Mactaquac Lake, Future Forest is an annual electronic music festival, sorry to the families who live within hearing distance.

My adventure to the future started when I saw two hitchhikers, with a hand-drawn sign that said “To the Future” I knew what it was and realized that I had previously committed to offering a friend a drive out, but she had advised she would contact me if needed. I pulled off the highway and turned in Journey’s parking lot, and waited until the hiker’s got close.

The girl saw me up close and said “Were you at Folly? You look familiar” I was and could be missed at Folly. I rearranged some stuff in the car to get their stuff in, and we set out. Meeting Lukas and Claire was great. We chatted all the way to Wark’s Point.

I didn’t know exactly where Wark’s Point is, so I let Google Maps do the directing. After crossing the dam and heading on Hwy 616, there was a slight left. I misundertood the left and went driving down the road. Found ourselves lost a little, but did circle back. Went out past Zion UPC and somewhere on the roads, we saw a fawn.

Once we circled and found the slight left, I pulled off the road. We were at Wark’s Point Road, confirmed by a sign, that was dark. Would have been seen in the day. I dropped my newfound friends, long lost Folly buddies and headed back to Fredericton.

I stayed on the 616 and was crossing the causeway over the lake, stopped for night photos and realized Future Forest was across the lake. I could hear it. I enjoyed the frogs and the music across the lake and the stars.

I will make my way to the Future again.