Crowdfunding #getfrank

The apocalypse may have just happened. For anyone that has known me, I have been a strong supporter of the NDP over the last decade. Before that, I identified with religious conservatives, more from the fact of proximity and the way I thought my religious inclinations fell. (That change in politics is a story for another time and place). Needless to say, Frank McKenna, former Liberal Premier, was never part of the group of politicians I’ve aspired to meet. That has changed. I want to go to an event where he will give the keynote address.

Some Background
According to Wikipedia, Frank was born in Apohaqui, New Brunswick, raised in a large family. He grew up and went to university, became a lawyer, settling in Chatham, New Brunswick. As a lawyer, he gained local fame successfully defending former boxer Yvon Durelle in a murder case. From there, he moved in provincial politics and the rest you say is history.

As the under 40 leader of the Liberal Party of New Brunswick, he led his party to a success that was completely amazing to anyone watching. As the 32nd Premier of New Brunswick, he faced no opposition, having a 58-0 seat count in the Legislature.

He spent his 10 years as Premier focused on job creation. And he resigned his position as Premier 10 years to the day of his election as Premier, keeping his pledge to do so.

After his resignation, he transformed from successful politician to successful businessman to Canadian diplomat. He currently works for TD Bank.

The Point
I give this as background to the man who has lent his name to the fundraising event, entitled Let’s Get Frank About Homelessness. This is a project of the Community Action Group, which aims to kickstart dialogue about ending homelessness in New Brunswick.

“There is a solid business case for ending homelessness,” says Frank McKenna. “I’m looking forward to supporting this cause that’s an example of social innovation and fiscal prudence.”

Tickets to this event, to be held March 20, are $175. This is more than I can currently afford. I had a brainwave to try crowdfunding a ticket, but the brainwave went better than me. I decided I would like to crowdfund a table for 8, at $1200. So if you want to add to my effort click

And Frank’s quoting about the business case for ending homelessness is similar to my belief that we need to make the business case for protecting the environment. So hearing this keynote is beyond partisan politics. And no, the apocalypse did not happen.