Wow, Thank you, Real Food Connections

What a storm we had!!! Tropical Storm Arthur doused and tossed Fredericton senseless. From Councillor Mike O’Brien (on Facebook), I’ve heard that 2000+ trees down or damaged. One of those trees down knocked out the power to Real Food Connections.

Downed Tree

I was helping a friend with a drive to Sobey’s when I saw the call out on Facebook from Levi to “Please come get some food” (Save the perishing food from the garbage.)


I am in awe of the generosity of the Lawrence family, and the Real Food family. Watching a crowded store of customers, in pitch black, being kind and courteous, was quite amazing. One lady suggested to my friend to take some sausages from her bag. She was there, stocking up on some food for use at her church. It was surreal.

Real Food Parking

I was shocked that extreme generosity thrives in the midst of hard times, but not really shock, it was awe-inspiring. I shouldn’t be shocked though. It reinforces to me the awesomeness of the people of Fredericton and the work of Real Food Connections.

Real Food Connections has proved that they are an asset, beyond compare, to our wonderful city. They are the cherry on top to a wonderful sundae. 

When the power is back on, come visit this wonderful shop at 880 Hanwell Road.

Store Front Real Foods