Local Prosperity Conference Takeaway

I was at the Local Prosperity Conference in Miramichi this past weekend.

At the end of the conference, I was asked a question, for which I didn’t have a quick answer. So as I thought about it, I wrote it out and decided to make it a post.

What are you going to take away from this weekend?

My takeaway from the conference is a question:
How do I connect the mainstream ideas expressed in the Local Prosperity Conference Miramichi to the mainstream people of Miramichi?

To this end, three particularities: I will turn my Black-Capped blog in a world-reknowned source celebrating NB rural prosperity.

I will create at least one import replacement business for Miramichi (I have lots of business ideas). And encourage the development of three others (to be grown out of the ideas of Miramichiers) with the only caveat that as the new business is developed, the new business owner encourages three others to do the same. (import replacement is an economic term for doing something in the local community, that replaces something that is typically imported in).

I will be a positive example for Miramichi. By seeking to create a non-profit organization that affects the economic performance of the people of Miramichi.