Day 16 Aimée Foreman for NDP

The following was seen on Aimée Foreman for NDP Facebook page:

Day 16

We’ve got to get away from allowing politicians to act as experts in the areas they govern.

They should be leaders.

Leaders aren’t subject experts; leaders set goals, motivate, encourage, maximize the talents of others, and keep the team accountable to achieving its priorities.

The need for this distinction couldn’t be clearer when it comes to Education.

I was proud to stand beside Dominic, and fellow candidates, today as he announced the NDP’s Creative Schools Act that would support a student-centred approach driven by administrators, educators, parents and students.

Our commitments include:
• Ending the mandatory ‘no-fail’ policy
• Increasing guidance and mental health supports
• Developing individual learning plans for every student
• Restoring classes in the trades, art, music and physical education
• Strengthening STEM curriculum and developing school technology plans

And there is no more significant commitment to be made than to achieving a 90% literacy rate.

I am fortunate to have many teacher friends that have helped shaped my understanding of the New Brunswick education system over the years. I have heard their frustrations and have admired their resiliency in helping children reach their full potential.

Now with a child learning within the public school system, and involvement with the Parent School Support Committee at New Maryland Elementary School, education has become an area of both concern and passion.

I hope that I’ll have opportunity to influence the changes our Province so desperately needs so that we can be graduating kids that are ready for the world in a global context; ready to innovate, collaborate and create jobs that we can’t even anticipate yet.

Education = Economic Growth.