#greatgathering Organizer Spotlight: John Coates

With the Great Gathering starting tomorrow, this will conclude the Organizer Spotlight Series. Come to the opening of the event tomorrow. Registration opens at 12:30pm with the grand opening around 1:00pm. This is held at the Fredericton Convention Centre. I hope to see you there. In the meantime, read about John Coates:

Who are you and what is your role with Great Gathering?

Co-Chair of the Great Gathering Planning Committee

How or why did you get involved with the Great Gathering?

I am on the Board of GFSI and think that the Great Gathering is a wonderful place for citizens and organizations to share their passions and secure allies for how Fredericton could be better.

What hopes do you have for the Great Gathering?

I hope to see people from all sectors of our community discuss and share their concerns about some of our systemic problems (such as attracting medical doctors to our area, developing more effective environmental practices, and methods to collect and share research data that is relevant for our community).

Photo Credit: Doug Mullin Photography