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Black-Capped is a new media venture by Doug Mullin, created with the intent to celebrate the stories and innovation found in New Brunswick, Canada.

Doug has a passion for photography, likes to write occasionally and is continually learning to make himself better. He has studied theology in Peterborough, Ontario and Nairobi, Kenya. He has taught English as a Second Language (ESL) in Seoul, South Korea. He has studied and lived in Fredericton since 1999, where the political bug bite him hard.

He believes in community building, has been an active volunteer in his church, and within the greater community, both on the front lines of action and in the board rooms of non-profits.

He has been been a volunteer at the Fredericton Community Kitchen. He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Fredericton Homeless Shelters. His photography has given him the opportunity to support CIBC’s Run for the Cure in Fredericton in 2013 and Walk a Mile Moncton in 2012 and 2013.

Black-Capped is all about celebrating the interesting people, the innovative things they’re creating, and the beautiful places of New Brunswick.

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Le “tête noire” est une blogue qui parle du Nouveau-Brunswick. Écrit par Doug Mullin, il rencontre les gens pour l’ecouter, pour faire une conversation.

Doug à la passion de photography. Il ecrit dans l’occasion et veut devenir meilleur par l’étude informal. Comme etudiant du theologie en Peterborough et Nairobi, comme enseignant d’anglais en Seoul, il appreciait son province natale du Nouveau-Brunswick plus beaucoup.

Il à retourne au Nouveau-Brunswick pour faire l’emploi et il à trouve son passion de politique at l’universitaire St Thomas. Comme neo-democrat, il était candidat en 2006 et 2010 dans la circonscription du Centre Miramichi.

Il était un voluntaire à Fredericton Homeless Shelters et Fredericton Community Kitchen. Son photography à donné l’opportunité de supportait les evenements comme la marche Walk a Mile in Her Shoes® en Moncton et Get Frank about Homelessness à Fredericton.

Finallement, il vous remercie de pardonné son Français. Il veut devenir bilinque; mais c’est difficile quand on pense que il n’etait utiliser pas en conversation quotidien depuis vingt ans.

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