#greatgathering Organizer Spotlight: Dennis Atchison

in the lead-up to the Great Gathering, I’ve asked the organizing committee to answer a few questions. 

Who are you and What is your role with Great Gathering?

How or why did you get involved with the Great Gathering?

What hopes do you have for the Great Gathering?

Here is Dennis Atchison:

I am Dennis Atchison, Co-Chair of The Great Gathering and one of the original members of Greater Fredericton Social Innovation. In some ways you could say I played an instigator role on the idea and delivery of a large scale Open Space Forum since 2004 or so. It was clear to me this process was one way for our community to have a breakthrough on many levels … from the systemic challenges such as development, local economy, housing, transportation to more intangible but just as important dimensions to our community like are we happy living here, does our community have compassion, and does our community nurture its soul. So where most people focused on the outcomes, I wanted to focus on the process and let the outcomes surface on their own based on the passions and play of the community. My hopes for The Great Gathering have already been realized by hosting the event! It is happening … and that is wonderful – full of wonder. The community of Fredericton and greater area has needed a place and an opportunity to get together on a large scale and on a level playing field. By addressing the question, “How can we work together to make Fredericton and area better?” , the intention is focused on the power of doing this together. That experience is a wonderful thing.

Photo Credit: Doug Mullin Photography