I attended the Silver Wave Film Festival this past weekend. On Saturday, I was told that a friend of mine had a film screening that evening. I looked at the website and realized it was a screening of NB Shorts.

It was perfect. A friend’s film screening, NB Shorts and a NB politician. It was a event match in heaven, or at least in Fredericton. I went. I enjoyed myself, stuck around for the Awards Show. then joined the social event held at the James Joyce.

And me, not to do anything half heartedly, I went to 2 screenings on Sunday, including Calling and Roaming.

Calling is the story of a 30 something call centre worker who decides to live life according to his dreams. Roaming is a story of life, love and finding confidence. Both enjoyable films, both were able to make a emotional connection to me the viewer.

Enjoy some photos from the social gathering, people I met for the first time and some  friends.

And by the way, my friend is Jillian, a filmmaker based in Fredericton, director and producer of The Art of Decay.