Art Day 2012 was held at the Charlotte Street Arts Centre (CSAC) as a fundraiser for Fredericton Homeless Shelters. I met some friends (Ian and Sherry; Craig) and reacquainted with people met previously (Kris of Kris LeBlanc Art). I met some wonderful new people (Melissa, a pottery artist, Taryn, Helen and Bridget). I certainly apologize if I spelled any names wrong.

The fundraiser operated by donation and silent auction. Artists were given a booth to display their work, with a donation into the silent auction. Another draw for the event was the kindness of the Investor’s Group holding a free BBQ. As well, the organizers of the event had permission to invite graffiti artists to paint on the outside wall of the CSAC. That’s so cool!!

I really enjoyed the afternoon, mingling with friends, old and new alike. Different groups/businesses/artists that were at the event: The BeadnikArtful Persuasion; Melissa LeBlanc, pottery; Rustic Pewter; Kris LeBlanc, artist; and others. If I missed mentioning you by name, then share in the comments. I know I haven’t covered all participating artists.

There are some wonderfully talented artists and artisans in New Brunswick. I hope you will seek one out when you are thinking of your upcoming Christmas/holiday purchases.